Large inflatable bouncer cleaning and collection

Large inflatable bouncer cleaning and collection:
1.Cut off the power, open interfaces and exhaust fans, exhaust time usually in 10-25 minutes, then squeeze out residual gas. If the device because of the rain water, be sure to drain the water and dry.

2. Doing cleaning, use detergent to stains, oil stains wipe, and then cleaned with water, sun to dry.

3. Fold the device, with the underside of the front stopped, and then the tarp to cover.

4 If not used for long time, please clean equipment folding, bundling, packaging is good. Storage temperature is generally preferably -50 to +40 degrees Celsius.

5. Bouncer's blower should pay attention to moisture and corrosion. Inflatable device should pay attention to rodent infestation bite.

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