How to repair scratched inflatable toys

How to repair scratched inflatable toys

1. Paste Requirements:

First, place in the toy you want to paste and glue evenly on the fabric, and then dry to half a minute, the cloth -like paste to paste the office, flattened not Alice, paste completed.

Toy was scratched:

a, Draw the mouth longer than 5cm needle stitched the application, and then with a cloth or cloth -like paste.

b, The notch less than 5cm directly paste

2, Open the seam line

First with the opening of the needle stitched flat ( or bottom apart from air to enter and stitched ), available pasting the opening handle firmly, taking beautiful.

3, Landscaping at Alice, Alice with a small brush at the edge of the amount of glue applied, Pause after flattening compression, solid paste.
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